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Easy Steps – In every situation
Taking the puppy to dog obedience school –
The little one can get in and out of the car
without joint damage due to jumping. Taking
the dog for a walk in the woods – Getting
in and out of the car is made convenient
and effortless. Older dogs also enjoy a day
out – Your old boy can climb in and out of
the car easily and without pain. Easy Steps
enables you to protect not only your dog‘s
joints and health, but also your own back
as you no longer have to strain to lift your
dog in and out of the car. The compact,
extremely rugged and easy-to-use dog ramp
makes it easier to get out and about with
your four-legged friend. Thanks to the clever
telescopic design, Easy Steps also fits in the
trunk alongwitha4pets dog-box. EasySteps
can be operated with one hand so that you
can have control of your dog in any situation.
Made in Switzerland
The Easy Steps dog ramp has been desig-
ned by Swiss engineers and is manufactu-
red in Switzerland. “Made in Switzerland”
synonym for highest quality and durability.
Due to its high-tech honeycomb structure
borrowed from bridge-building technology
the Easy Steps dog ramp can support a
weight of up to 100 kg (220 lbs) despite its
lightweight construction. And with its non-
slip bone-motif pads and high-grip ridged
surface, it provides a safe footing for your
The Easy Steps dog ramp weighs only 5.4
kg (11.9 lbs), which makes it easy and com-
fortable to handle.
High quality
The Easy Steps dog ramp is made of high-
quality materials. All parts are weather-
proof, extremely durable and recyclable.
The dog ramp can be cleaned easily with
a pressure washer or garden hose. Plus it
goes without saying that all components
used are free of toxic substances.
dog in any kind of weather
Rubber safety feet
The ramp has large rubber feet at each
corner. They provide a firm grip on any type
of ground. At the same time, they protect
your car from scratches. It‘s not only good
for your dog but also protects your car.
Telescopic design
The Easy Steps dog ramp slides together
neatly and compactly to a size small enough
to fit in any car trunk. It is so simple it can be
done with just one hand, so the other hand
remains free to hold your dog. A further
unique technical feature is the integrated
Slide Brake Control System.
Slide Brake Control System
Telescopic design
Rubber safety feet